Monday, July 5, 2010


Sometimes  a stream of thoughts and ideas floods my brain. Usually they're about random things like daily activities or things that I forget  to do, ideas about changes in my life, marriage, babies , life and death and money. I'm absolutely sane and I think any sane person should think about life and how  things work in this life. I want to share some thoughts:

1) Recently a relative of mine  got engaged to a girl he met in DU (Dhofar University), some relatives weren't so happy about his choice. I'm supporting him and I think those people should really get a life.

2)Why does many people in Salalah and the rest of Oman don't get a life and mind thier own bussiness. I'm amazed of how many people just think and act in a narrow minded way.

3)What happend to the public smoking ban in Salalah?!!

4)Will I ever see in my life time a decent Library and a decent bookshop openning in Salalah?!!!

4.5)Would you eat a jam made of roses? Al isteqrar hypermarket sells those.

5)I hope that the governenmt will buy the +100 years old houses in downtwon Mirbat and restore them in a Manner similar to Nizwa before those houses fall apart. I wish the same happens to the old houses in Haffa and Salalah.

Friday, July 2, 2010


 Not only animals and Microsoft windows hibernate, humans also do. People can be in a state similar to hibernation but without obsessive eating/sleeping. I was in such a state for the past  4 months when  I stopped writing/reading blogs .I really regret not following up my faviourate blogs and I'm sorry to all who read my blog for staying away for so long. Thanks to all of you who asked me to come back. Now I have to start catching up.