Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Singing in The Rain

It hasn't rained for a while in Salalah. Our dry winters may have few days when it rains such as today. It has been cloudy for two days now and this morning it rained. Rain makes us happy because of the change. Since the end of our rainy season (21june-21sept) we had only sunny days.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Work Rumble

-I've always thought that Muscat winters are much better than Salalah's winters. Apparently this is true because I've been feeling sick since we started having the windy dusty weather. At times the weather is nice but not always.
-Work has increased significantly to the point that I want to go on leave, or quit and live on a secluded Island. No wonder the Caribbean is popular with the Americans.
-Today is the second night in the Al-Murooj Theater cultural nights. There will be a concert of a Band singing Fairouz's Song. So for those of you who love this arabic diva and are in Salalah should go to Al-Mourooj theater tonight the 13/01/2010. The show will commence at 8:30pm.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

AC noise Addiction

Since last week I stopped using the AC in my room. Actually the temperature during night was fine without the AC but I kept using it because of the noises it made. Many people in Salalah and probably the rest of Oman  have an addiction of  the AC noises, that is they can't sleep well without hearing the sounds made by the AC especially the window AC. But it was for the chilly nights that we are having these days (since this is winter after all) that I decided to quit this addiction. It was simple to increase the temp or just adjust the settings to make it much warmer in the room and in the same time hear the beautiful sounds of a window AC however I thought that was a waste of electricity to just make it work  for the sake of its ugly addictive noise. So I had to be strong and decided that enough is enough, what if I moved to a place where there is no window AC, or that we decided to change the window ACs to split units that are famous for being so quite. Since then I have been thinking why do many of us get all sorts of addictions  like smoking, eating ..etc!
Why many sorts of behavioral addictions get unnoticed by the addicts!!
I try to be healthy and avoid most of the common sources of addiction like smoking.
Anyways I thank Panadol for its variety of medicine such as Panadol night ;) ..