Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Work Rumble

-I've always thought that Muscat winters are much better than Salalah's winters. Apparently this is true because I've been feeling sick since we started having the windy dusty weather. At times the weather is nice but not always.
-Work has increased significantly to the point that I want to go on leave, or quit and live on a secluded Island. No wonder the Caribbean is popular with the Americans.
-Today is the second night in the Al-Murooj Theater cultural nights. There will be a concert of a Band singing Fairouz's Song. So for those of you who love this arabic diva and are in Salalah should go to Al-Mourooj theater tonight the 13/01/2010. The show will commence at 8:30pm.


  1. Yeah I've been sick 24/7 almost since the end of December. The dust kills me. I was in Muscat for work last week and WOW ... cool, no wind, nice rain ... it was perfect. But then again, they have crappy weather for the rest of the year. Let them have their 3 weeks of winter.

    I'm not a big fan of Fairuz. Did you go? How was it? Who was the band?

  2. You're kidding me, who doesn't love Fairuz. Of course I was there and I really enjoyed it. The band members are from different arab countries and the lead singer is a Moroccan singer and her name I think is Nazeehah. BTW there was an omani girl who presented the concert in a great English, actually she spoke in a really good English and she was Omani(I guess) and I thought that she may be you coz of her fluent English.

  3. Many people aren't huge fans of Fairuz. I'm actually not a big fan of Arabic music at all, except for Abu Bakr Salim and Taufeeq Nahyan!! hahaha...

    No that girl wasn't me. But I think I know who you're talking about. One of the sisters presented the party. My tribe would KILL ME if I ever set foot on stage LOL

  4. Looks like my friend Rania went! I'll have to interrogate her about the concert: