Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Singing in The Rain

It hasn't rained for a while in Salalah. Our dry winters may have few days when it rains such as today. It has been cloudy for two days now and this morning it rained. Rain makes us happy because of the change. Since the end of our rainy season (21june-21sept) we had only sunny days.


  1. S-Dude you've got a sense of Humor.

    This is a song from the 1960s about walking in the rain. Please focus on the silly dancing. Hilarious.

  2. No rain in s3adah!
    Where is the rain S-Dude?
    (what is S-Dude Nadia?)

  3. @nadia: s-dude, what does s stands for?!! super dude may be :D
    p.S the dancing is funny lol

    @Mahfef: Unfortunately there was only light rain in Saada but working in the rainy parts of Salalah surely made me excited about rain, I hope it will rain again this week :)

  4. Rain party for one day then it stopped. BAH.

    Back to dry windy dusty Saada and allergies.

    S stands for a name.

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  6. IHMD:
    I hope there is no big lake(marsh) in front of your house.Salalah(rainy parts) turned to marshes within half an hour.Sometimes it smells very nice!!
    Now I understand you I think. Do you mean that the real name of IHMD is starting with S ?

  7. @Nadia: nope no dusty weather, and my name doesn't start with an "s", I'm sorry to disappoint you lol
    @Mahfef: I live in Saada but I work in Salalah that's why I was thrilled with the rain :)

  8. Sadly IHMD we all live in Saada and work in Salalah. I have a huge lake in front of my office. My car was in a puddle. I had to take my shoes off and walk through the water to get to the car door. Not fun. NOT FUN. Especially with 50 old men outside smoking and watching me. Bah.

    I'm kidding about the name. I meant Super-Dude. I have no idea who you are. But I do know who Ma7feef is!! (98% sure) ...

  9. I hate there is almost non existing proper drainage in the city, just be careful.
    lol I guess you have some suspect with a name that starts with an "s" ,admit it Nadia :P, from the way , you and Mahfef interact I think you know him 100% ;)

  10. Haha ... yes I do have a suspect.
    But Ma7feef also has a suspect. He thinks your name starts with 'M'.

    Anyway, no matters. As long as you keep blogging and writing entertaining posts, we will call you IHMD Super Dude.

    Ma7feef and I are neighbors. Sadly. He's so noisy.

    You should see the newspaper today 'The Week' in Arabic. The main subject is about bloggers.

  11. Nadia:
    Is the huge lake still in front of your office? I want to join the 50 spectators!

    Don't believe Nadia I have no suspect. She is sooo ملقوفة because she is a girl and she thinks that all BOYS are ملقوفين like her.

  12. Gosh, you old man. مجلووووف
    Not ملقوف

    And yes you are ملجوف

  13. No Nadia it is originaly and literally لقفة not لجفة but it is pronounced لجفة because in the gulf mostly people are not pronouncing ق as ق instead it is pronounced ج
    والله أعلم

  14. lol Mahfef you are right. Sorry Nadia :P