Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dhofari Women and shopping

I know most women around the globe are into shopping but in Salalah I feel some things are abit hard to understand :

  • Since I was very young, I noticed the insatiable love that the female relatives around me had towards all sort of fabrics especially cotton in ordor to go to the tailor and make themselves new Thoubs, which is the traditional Dhofari dress of females. The women in Salalah just don't seem to have enough of Thoubs. Trying to pass by  the cluster of fabric stores in A'sslam Street at night means getting  yourself stuck in a trafic jam.
  • Sale at Centerpoint means that the department store will be 95% women even in the mens sections. I even got a "what the heck is this guy doing here"   last week when I was searching for a sweater in the Men's section from a group of female shoppers who apperantly found men shirts interesting!!
  • I like to have a meal from time to time in KFC and at times I find the family section empty while some girls and women prefer to sit in the public section leaving me in a dilemmah.
  • Women in Salalah spend so much on beauty products, perfumes, incense, shoes, purses..etc
  • The worset gift a guy from Salalah to give any of his female relative is anything related to fasion even if that product is very new because it may be not following the current trend in Salalah so it will never be used or even worse, to be given secretly to the house maid!!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of observations!!

    Second point made me laugh. Seriously? Maybe they're shopping for their bro/hubby/son(s) or something, I mean you make it sound as if they just go there because it's on sale =P *jokes*

  2. Atyiah road IHMD Atyiah road.. there is no sale there but women are always flying like bees from store to another without stopping!!

  3. @G-Chan lol don't give them excuses after all it was the men section and they didn't have to be so "oh those guys"

    @Mahfef:lol lets start a women oriented business together, may be like fabric store or Abaya boutique ^^

  4. IHMD, I feel that perhaps you had bad experiences in your childhood/early life with women shopping. I sense anxiety in your voice with this subject. Perhaps you need help? Perhaps a therapist? Haha ... Your post is 100% true of course.

  5. Nadia I guess every Dhofari guy must have some sort of bad experience with women shopping lol

  6. No but seriously maybe you're a little over-affected! :)

  7. lol may be i should see a shrink

  8. Haha that's funny! Good post, made me laugh.
    I have been to Salalah in the Khareef and I do see the women like ants in Shari3 Assalama

  9. I totally agree with u... but don't u think calling them bees or ants is improper... I've been talking about the same many and many times but duuuuude sorry ur reaction is over...

    First point is 100% true no argument abt it...

    Second point, c'mooooon... though i'm not living in SLL but I do believe that they are not so stupid to wear male clothes... I think they may had been buying for their siblings or ... whoever maaan... for me sometimes I do like to buy something for my bros so I'm enforced to go the male section... or u think skirts will be suitable for them!!!!

    May I ask u to present ur observations logically... as I said i agree with u but the way u present it and the comments are really pest me off

    "Arab-esque" plz behave and don't called us ants...

  10. Akhi...

    Im nto even Dhofari and i managed to work that out 2 years ago all the way in Buraimi..haha! Yes some Dhofari women ..im not saying all as that bad manners..are thoub addicts. Its a compulsion/ excessive desire to show off the new style/colours thats on offer. But then again thats just my opinion as an ajnaby married to a dhofari dude. hehehe.

    May Allah help all Dhofari men and grant them brides who are simple not divas.Ameen.

    Grt post keep them coming... oh and about the kfc & man section issues.. if they put themselfs in oublic places they will have to deal with men being near by. Its easy as bisto.