Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It has been a long time

Eid Mubarak and happy new year (Lunar+Solar). I stopped blogging for a while because of the coninuous ADSL /phone line issue then for being abroad. I thank all of my fellow bloggers for the good feelings and I'm sorry that I kept you waiting.


  1. Yes you kept us waiting for a long time, so, SALAMAT, Eid Mubarak for you too and happy new year!

  2. Why, hello there. Welcome back and happy near year, in advance.

  3. I cannot bleieve you're back!! I thought you disappeared off the face of earth. Where the heck were you?

  4. @ Mahfeef: thx again Salamat and Eid Mubarak and happy new year :D
    @Kitten: thx for the comment, it is always nice to see your comments ,happy new year :)
    @ Nadia: lol I'm sorry I guess I should've checked my blog more often :)