Saturday, October 31, 2009

Living without Internet!!

I'm having some issues with my internet connection. I started to feel somewhat lost because I can't access the internet as I used to be. I hope in two days everything will be sorted out. I'm now in coffee shop using my laptop. It is really great to have coffee shops with free wireless internet. I hope more will open inSalalah, may be a Costa Coffee or a Second Cup in the new mall "Salalah World".


  1. Salamat Salamat! We were biting our nails waiting to see where you were :)

    Yes, Browniz wireless internet is a blessing. A friend at the Ministry of Tourism told me that they were probably going to open a Costa at Salalah World. YES!

  2. Ma7feef Nadia and G-chan: sorry for the late reply I still have some problems with my internet connection :(
    Ma7feef: Allah Yselmak :)
    Nadia: thanks, it will be great , did your ource ell you how many coffee shops we will have there, btw I found this website
    G-chan: lol it is true

  3. Enough TRAVELLING .. come back ;)

  4. Ok IHMD, that is ENOUGH. Come back.

  5. I'm sorry Nadia for being away for so long :)

  6. والله شوية ظروف السموحة محفيف