Saturday, October 10, 2009

Part1 (Shisha Cafe /resturant) scene in Salalah

It has been almost a week or so since I started this blog, I may be abit slow but I guess I should get used to the routine of blogging soon.
This post's topic is in responseto the request of my fellow blogger Dhofari Guucci to write about what happens in shisha cafes.
I think the shisha cafes are a retively a recent phenomenon. I don't remember 10 yeara ago that there were as much or popular as they are now. In a way shisha cafes play somewhat the role that is played by pubs in the UK.
Similarites between a pub and a shisha cafe:
-Both serves an addictive substance.
-Both are places to socialise.
-Both are places where you can watch football.
-Both are places where you can meet members of the oppisite sex (to a much different degree).
In general I don't smoke shisha so I don't really enjoy going to shisha cafes but sometimes I do go.
I have to go now , I will post again ASAP (that is probably tomorrow)


  1. Meeting members of the opposite sex? You mean the Moroccan waitresses

    Good that you compared them to pubs. I was looking for something like that

  2. Hello IHMD
    I hate Mountain Dew as well as Pepsi Diet.

    Shishah is part of Salalah life now.
    Resturants are trying to attract everyone like teenagers and old men who are getting involved in love stories with the morocan waitresses, many funny stories in this manner

  3. MD, you admit the problem yet you sit at these Moroccan restaurants yourself :-)

    I like the photo

  4. Thanks alot for your responses,
    Nadia yes I do mean female waitresses from other nationalities,lol and yes I do admit I go but on rare occasions and I admit that I resent all shisha cafes for the shisha, many have below standards service and for some waitresses' disturbing use of thier feminine aura to take advantage of some stupid men and may be teenagers..
    محفيف thanks for your comment because it was such a pleasent surprise may be one day I can even quit drinking Pepsi Diet .