Friday, October 2, 2009

My first Blog

Since this is my first post, I think I should just talk about my self a little. I'm an omani guy from Salalah. Salalah is a city in the Saltanate of Oman and is located in the south while the capital Muscat is in the noth. I always liked my city however I have always felt the urge to travel and see the world. I do feel that travel is an eye opener and widens a person's horisons. However, I will talk about travel in other posts. The story about my blog's name is that in Oman , mountain dew could one day become the national drink, oh well may be that won't happen but Dew is very popular, some even call it the omani beer.But for certain reasons that I'm not fully aware of, I discovered that I can't stand this drink and I actually adored a different drink...Pepsi diet..


  1. Yayy...!!! another recruit to the Diet Pepsi Team!

    I don't like Mountain Dew either

    Continue writing :-)

  2. Welcome to the club, thanks a lot for your comment I feel quite encouraged to write more

  3. It would be cool to read about Salalah from a guy's point of view

    I suggest you write a post about what REALLY goes on on the sheesha restaurants at night

    All those hundreds of guys sitting around tables for hours and hours

    What's it all about?

  4. lol , then next time my post will be about that.