Monday, October 12, 2009

Part2 Shisha Cafe scene in Salalah

I Wanted to post yesterday but I had tough time trying to make my wireless adsl modem work unfortunately it didn't work so I had to buy a new one for 44 OR, I wonder why things doesn't seem to get cheaper. I guess the world wide financial crises is in a different parallel universe where Oman doesn't exist.
Back to the topic
Shisha cafes in Salalah have already become part of Salalah's night life for many guys. We have even shisha cafes that is working 24 hours a day.
It is a fact that many men in Oman and in Dhofar in particular who will tend to spend the time after 7 or 8pm outside with friends. The locations in Salalah could be literally anywhere from the pavements of Rabat Street to Ittine but somewhere around 50% of them will spend that time in shisha cafes. I also noticed that many of those who go strictly to Shisha cafes will tend to think that everyone must be doing the same otherwise must be socially awkward.
Personally I hate shisha and any sort addictions and in this case of smoking weather it is smoking cigarettes, cigars or whatever sh.. out there.
Female waitresses, shisha and Omani women hatred of shisha cafes
It has to be noted that not all shisha cafes have female waitresses of any nationality and despite that are still quite popular. Moreover, not everyone who goes to shisha cafes cares about the waitresses. Some are very confident men who know who they are and appreciate what they have even many single guys such as my self.
I have to say that the lack of decent non-smoking cafes has forced many guys to be regulars at shisha cafes. That is said, I noticed the amount of hatred many omani women have towards shisha cafes may be because they feel threatened by the "outsiders" or because they have a personal experience with a "playful" husband. I think they have the right to do so but not to generlise not all cafes has women and not all of those women will try take advantage of the local lads. In fact, I think many local guys are to be blamed for their behavior. Not only the men but the society as a whole. There are no decent places where teenagers , guys and girls can spend quality time. No good standard coffee shops , No good sport activities and facilities , no playgrounds in most neighborhoods, no decent gyms, no public libraries, no cultural activities, no cinemas, , no book clubs, no civil service organizations. No wonder we are so behind the rest of the world.


  1. I like the Coffee Shop near Khimjis Pizza Hut on Shaara Salam - well kept, no Sheesah .
    Here, in Muscat, there is so much building activity in Ruwi that most of the local football pitches have been built on and the beaches have become private – so in that respect you are still better off

  2. We have more opportunities in Salalah for outdoor activities, unlike Muscat. We have better weather.

    I wouldn’t want Salalah to become like Muscat. I don’t like Muscat very much, but it would be nice to have ONE decent bookstore, ONE decent café, etc. According to what I know, young guys either hang out on ‘the garbeeb’ or at Shisha restaurants, or go bowling at the Oasis club, or play sports. The RAFO gym is good. As for women, we have many decent gyms (secret) with excellent aerobics classes everyday. We also make full use of the 2nd floor of Browniz café, which is dedicated to women. Salalah is developing, slowly. Furthermore, the new tourist complex next to Centrepoint is going to have a Costa Café (YAY!!!!) … It’s not a rumor; but I actually interviewed a manager at the Ministry of Tourism in Salalah and he confirmed that they’re torn between Costa and Second Cup. YAAAAAY!!!!! I love coffee.

    Keep writing. I’m going to write about your blog in Dhofari Gucci today. Keep your eyes peeled.

  3. As for Shisha restaurants, I think it's better to just 'avoid' the ones with Moroccan waitresses because as they say in Arabic
    أبعد عن الشر وغنيله
    I know many Dhofari women who suffered so much because their husbands were' 'playful' as you say and maintained relationships with Moroccan waitresses. One of them even got pregnant and he had to marry her
    زواج عرفي
    So now he has two wives , one public one secret
    It's a terrible situation



  4. Ynotoman: thanks a lot for the comment, the cafe you mentioned has a non smoking section but the air is in that tiny section has the smell of cigarettes because most of the cafe is for smokers and the ventilation isn't good enough. I hope that all the towns in Oman will be more resident friendly, pedestrian friendly and have many activities to offer for the public.
    Nadia: May be the ladies in Salalah has better facilities but I feel that that standards need to be higher even in and come on the RAFO gym is nothing when compared to the GYMs in Muscat. However, I'm quite excited about the new mall that is coming up.

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  6. Nadia: Thanks for the free publicity in your blog, I do appreciate it. I do try to avoid the shisha cafes and go with my friends to Hafa or anywhere. Most of the time we go have dinner somewhere and then go to Hafa. I hope the government will do a good job in redevelopment project of the beach front

  7. Al Haffa is a nice place to hang out
    Muscat don't have anything as natural and relaxing as Al Haffa

    Even us women hang out in Al Haffa in the evenings.

    You may have noticed the end of the beach (towards Al Baleed is dedicated to women


  8. lol I think I have to post something in defence of Muscat, yeah I noticed women in Hafa too thanks for your commenting ^^.

  9. I love Muscat I could live there

  10. then you are not a true Dhofari

  11. I love Dhofar more than Muscat but I like the idea of the change. Muscat is a nice city with good oppertunities and more open minded people

  12. Change will never happen in Dhofar is the open-minded educated people in Salalah all run away to Muscat... We have to be pioneers and we ourselves create the change in this town

    It's happening slowly but it's happening

    All the young Dhofaris with big ideas for change are going to make it happen

    Be a pioneer

  13. Yeah I really agree with what you said, true we have to be pioneers.

  14. Then stop thinking about Muscat

  15. I have already lived there for my college years

  16. Surprisingly, I do agree with you. When it comes to just going out and hanging around with friends, Salalah is not exactly number 1 in my list. Which ultimately leads u to visit a sheesha place. Nice blog btw :)