Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wild life in Salalah's Suberbs

The other day I woke up around 3:30 am not because of the occasional teenager burning his dad's car tires on the road nor by the late night loud music enthusiasts but by the sounds of donkeys. Now don't get me wrong I don't hate donkeys, they were so useful for the Man Kind for most of the human history and still are in some places .  I even have a  T-shirt that has a zebra ( the donkey's closest cute cousin ). However, the fact that wild animals are invading Salalah's suburbs is very disturbing because of:
1-Threat of car accidents.
2-Noise pollution after midnight.
4-I'm not superstitious but donkey's sounds are kind of creepy at night. 
5-Hello we are in the city!
I have seen even wild white foxes in new suburban areas running around and of course we have stray cats and sometimes stray dogs.
This also brings up the topic of "domesticated" wild animals. I know many accidents that happened because of such animals especially camels. It is always dangerous to drive above 100 Km/h in the ring road especially at night time. 
I think the government should have a national plan to protect wild animals, live stock  and their owners , city residents and maintain safe roads for everyone to use. If we don't know how  to do it then may be we  can benefit from other countries' experiences, surely we aren't the only country with animals!


  1. Wow! That's a first time for me
    Donkeys at 3:30am...O_O

  2. Hi IHMD
    Eventhough I am a camel owner but am suffering from the wild camels when I come back home late sometimes..
    I have seen all the animals you mentioned in north S3adah
    I am with you, there should be a real plan to help keeping animals away of main roads and cities.

  3. yeah G-chan there were like 4 of them and noisy to the point that IHMD-san woke up, thoughts mixed with dreams of exporting them to a donkey-eating land were on my mind as I was trying to sleep again.

  4. محفيف Thanks alot I think this is really a serious issue, I hope the government will do something about it ASAP.

  5. Stray dogs are my worst nightmare
    As Ma7feef said, in Saada we have a serious dog problem. They're everywhere because they hang out at the many farms we have here in this part of Salalah. several times I almost hit a wild dog. The problem is that they seem to go around in packs nowdays especially near my house. 4 or 5 or 6 dogs will suddenly run across the street right in front of me and I think my swearing is usually louder than the car horn.

    the government should do something about this

  6. Nadia: Defenitly something has to be done.
    I also came across such stray dogs in Saadah where I live too,one time i was driving back home and a pack of may be 4 chose to cross the street. I wasn't driving fast so I reduced calmly my car's speed and i used the horn. I noticed they looked scared which was intersting since I saw more agressive dogs in Muscat that will bark visiously at your car instead of running and hiding away.

  7. Yes don't remind me of the dogs in Muscat

    I almost lost my life to a pack of dogs in Al Mawale7

    They were so so so so aggressive

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  9. Nadia did they bite you?
    What's wrong with Muscat's stray dogs!! Rabies may be..

  10. No I almost had a heart attack (that would have killed me) when they jumped in front of me while I was trying to get into my car

  11. Nadia That could make anyone get a heart attack,what were you doing in Muscat?

  12. Does it matter what I was doing in Muscat? Dude you seriously are Dhofari

    اللجفة من مزايا أهل ظفار

  13. lol wallah I'm Dhofari, why do you think I'm not?

  14. lol I guess what you said is true lol but I'm not so nosy.

  15. If you're not nosy, why did you ask what I was doing in Muscat?


  16. lol a real nosy one would have asked you since you first mentioned Muscat

  17. No comment
    Dhofaris Rock
    Dhofaris Rule

  18. yeah I'm very proud to be Dhofari ^^

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    A T-shirt company

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  20. That is really a great idea and hasn't been done yet. We can market them to locals and to tourists too. wallah they will be really cool . I liked run away slogan soo funny lol

  21. It's possible

    In the future we can do this

    Once we've developed from 'Blogging' to the real world

  22. the police in Muscat used to shoot the dogs - but now dont. We have about 20 dogs behind my flat - all night fights - !.