Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Night home

10:35 pm Wednesday night and my whereabouts are my room. Guys in Oman don't spend such a precious night home. It is the equivalent of Friday night in the US but with no clubbing for us. My friends and I usually have dinner and then rent a movie. It is the relaxed atmosphere (many don't have to go to work next Morning)that makes this night so special. Tonight I felt the urge to blog and to keep in touch with my facebook friends. I think I caught the blogging virus. The symptoms are:
-Severe urge to blog.
-Your eyes feel ichi and became red
-Getting very nervous when the browser hangs.
-Spelling mistakes and Grammer mistakes suddenly became more important than when writing your dissertation.
-Compulsive reading of other blogs even the ones written in spanish which you don't speak.
I think I will go rent a movie and get myslef a pizza lol


  1. lol
    This is a good thing for your readers anyways :D

    What movie did you rent?

  2. Salam IHMD
    Congratulation for the infection!
    I like your last symptom!!..Reading chinese and japanese websites is one of my hobbies..(أمزح)

  3. Join the Club
    Symptoms also include large amounts of caffiene as well as insomnia and short attention span

  4. ^ Agreed with what the others mentioned.

    Welcome to the world of blogging, IHMD.

  5. G-chan: thank alot, it is very nice tohave great readers like you arigatto gozaimasu^^

    محفيف: lol thanks I hope to get a cure, dude chinese and japanese wow you are worse than me

    Nadia: it is so true the short attention span so never check your blog at work lol

    Kitten: I still get excited to see that new people come and read my blog, thanks alot for your comment XD

  6. G-chan I rented the proposal and taken, the former was funny but it felt kind of predictable and the later was another story. It is a thriller movie that may be nice to watch if you were anything but French and Arab. The movie portrayed France as dangerous bureaucratic place where you could get kidnapped in the middle of the day from your apartment to be sold by as a sex slave. The kidnappers are the Albanian mafia , the buyer :a wealthy Arab!!

  7. Sounds like a guy movie

    Three things cause short attention spans for men: women, blogs and twitter

    That's my theory anyway

  8. Nadia: anyone can watch these movies.what kind movies do you watch? I bet it is something like Breakfast at Tiffany's

  9. Nadia : short attention spans for men can be women and blogs but I doubt twitter being one of them except for stalkers lol

  10. I watched both and have to say enjoyed both, even Taken (but still didn't like the idea that the buyers are wealthy Arab men =_=).

    As for the Proposal, I loved it and I agree with you when you said it's predictable, but at the same it's different you know.

    I recommend to you, Hard Candy and Disturbia. Both fantastic thrillers and Disturbia has got a bit of comedy in it! I even blogged about them =P

  11. G-Chan: The proposal was nice, I like Alaska now after watching the movie, moreover I really adore Betty White (the grandmother) because I'm a big fan of the Golden Girls. I really liked Disturbia ( In Shati Cenima 2 years ago) but I haven't watched Hard Candy yet. I think I will rent it or download it before reading your posts about it. Thanks for the suggestions :).