Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog Make Over

Like humans, blogs need a make over from time to time. So I decided to change the way my blog looks abit. I have even added a face pic too lol.
I hope I will get encouraging comments about the result of my first ever blog make over XD.


  1. Ohio-oni-san

    Urahara Kisuke!! *screams*
    He's so awesome lol

    Yeah this template looks awesomer than the previous one! I love the fish, they're so random lol
    Congrats =D

    Oh! And if you ever feel like giving your blog a make over and you didn't like the templates provided by blogger then use they've got awesome templates. That's where I got my one anyways =P

  2. G-chan: Konnichi wa Onee-san, hai Urahara Kisuke desu
    He is one of my favorite characters ^^ may be I'm like him (tensai desu lol).I will definitely check the templates in that website for my next blog make over, arigatto gozimasu G-chan XD

    محفيف: thanks man, I'm glad you like it better :)

  3. すべてのクレイジーされます

    I like your new template too. You've only been blogging a week and you're already thinking about makeovers!! I've been blogging for 8 months and I still think I'm too young for a makeover! haha... Keep writing man.

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  5. Nadia: We love Japan and their culture even if some people call us crazy ;) and stop using google translation because we know you don't speak nihongo :p

  6. and Thanks Nadia for the encouragement ^^

  7. You guys are crazy. Hey IHMD, do you know anyone by the name A.Al.G ? He loves Japanese too and is in Salalah. maybe you guys are friends. Who knows.
    OF COURSE I used Google translate.
    (1) I don't speak Japanese
    (2) Even if I spoke Japanese I would be able to type the characters on my work keyboard. DUH.


  8. Kitten: Thanks alot :)

    Nadia: umm A.AL.G sounds tough, it doesn't ring bells so I guess no I don't know him. In fact there are so many guys who are into Japanese anime but not all of them are into Japan and the Japanese lang, I guess A.AL.G could be an interesting new friend. I hope you can give me more hints.Is he a dhofari guy? working?
    1)We don't know much about you, do we! :P
    2)You CAN type Japanese characters on your work keyboard, the same keyboard that has only the arabic and english characters, but you didn't know that did you lol
    Anyhow it is always nice to read your comments since you are like my Godmother in the blog world XD

  9. Yes Yes Dear Child ... I am your Godmother...
    A.Al.G is definitely Dhofari but a little weird. Ok .. maybe very weird.

    Try to blog regularly, will you? Write more. We need more blogs in Dhofar. Seriously we do. I'm trying to spread the germ. Very proud of you and Ma7feef, 'Saada Bloggers' Association'.


    your Godmother

  10. lol Sure Nadia, I'm trying to peruade a a couple of guys to blog. I will try to spread the infection.

  11. aaahhh....well.... since you mentioned it.......I dont remember how it looked before! :s

    anyway it's the content of the blog that matter not the look ( did i make it any better) :D

  12. Thanks Essence Oman ofcourse the content is the most importnat matter thanks alot for passing by :)